Journey To The Walk Of Fame EP 2

Journey To The Walk Of Fame

From Germany With Love

There's No crying in Los Angeles

"This book is being written at a very peculiar time in my life... What you see before you now- what I have become; has been brutally forged out of opposition.
I am the physical incarnation of Le Chatlier's Principle! I’m writing this book because I want to do something good for the world. A criminally insane German guy once said “There is nothing better than what is good- and good is having some ability and using that to create, Tiichtig- keit or virtu in the Italian Renaissance sense” and I wholeheartedly agree with him on this notion."

" A degenerate, Russian alcoholic once said that ‘he is writing because he wants to be a man’.
In this sentiment we share a common goal. To become a man is a lifelong pursuit and writing this book will get me one step closer. The readers of this book will come one step closer to their manhood."

"The situation can sometimes culminate into a self compromising position. And how are you to know what your true character is? Unless you have been given everything, such as absolute power or unless everything has been taken away from you and you have been forced to live in desperate conditions."

"You have not been truly tested and therefore you can not truly know yourself! don’t want you to think for a second that this book is about me. I’m going to talk a lot about myself and personal experiences throughout this book but it is all done for the benefit of the reader. This book is about you and I was thinking about you the entire time I was writing it."

"I’m writing this book to speak about the unique moment that I am living in. To describe my observations of the cataclysm of events that are unfolding right before my eyes. The historic record of school shootings has caught my attention. The feminism and liberal movement has, in a very short time, moved into the realm of the absurd."

"The current president of the United States and the leader of the free world never ceases to amuse me with his incredulous rejection of reality. Pop and rap music is more debasing than ever before and guys have taken to plowing their sprinter vans through crowds of unsuspecting people. I see centuries old patterns of decay reappearing in our modern society."

" I can’t help but think to myself that it is all a beautiful mosaic of predictability and it guides my hand in knowing that I’m doing exactly what I am suppose to be doing in times like these."

"As opposed to previous times, when I was younger, I would simply allow the tide to come and go and wash me along without a plan of my own. This time I came equipped with a surf board and I’m prepared to catch the big one and ride it straight into the roof top of the Shangrila where I will likely watch the whole thing blow over with a vodka tonic in hand and a tall, blonde beauty in my other hand. Kowebonga dude!"

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The CEO Melvin Sewell and the co Owner Julian an Mey of True Flow Productions.

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The directors of "THERE'S NO CRYING IN LOS ANGELES" showing their VERSATILITY with good boy bad dog.

Melvin Sewell filming the documentary "FROM GERMANY WITH LOVE" on location in berlin.

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About Me

Melvin is a young man filled with aspiration. Even though he is still young he has already achieved impressive accomplishments.

He earned and bachelors degree in biology and a master’s degree in molecular science and Nanotechnology. While in graduate school he performed research with embryonic stem cells. He was a division I college athlete for two different sports.

His ultimate goals are to go to medical school and continue his academic research in the field of regenerative medicine. After many years of studying in the field of science, Melvin has decided to write a book and direct a documentary film that he also starred in.

This venture is of the utmost importance to Melvin at the moment because Melvin’s life is not as glamorous as it may appear to be. Melvin has been facing homelessness and career discrimination for years.

The purpose of his film and book is to illustrate the current state of life for people like Melvin who have been forgotten about, left behind and systematically disenfranchised. He hopes that by doing this work he can inspire people to live more for each other and adapt loving relationships once more. Melvin realized that the lives of people like him depend on messages like his being more recognized.

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